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Strategy Session
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Learn How To Navigate The Treacherous Seas Of
Business From The Trusted Authority To Senior
Executives On Creating High-Performance Cultures!
Emma Sharrock is The Trusted Authority To Senior Executives On Creating High-Performance Cultures. With her passion and energy for leading and facilitating positive change in workplace practices, Emma future-proofs organisations, so that they remain competitive in an ever-changing and fast-paced economy.

A former naval officer, Emma, who once safely navigated warships and their crews through inhospitable seas and warfare exercises, has made it her mission to aid business leaders in navigating often-turbulent, competitive change.

Having stood at the helm of complex change programs since 1999, Emma has steered elite organisations including leading financial, transport and telecommunications companies in Australia and Europe through unchartered waters by influencing a new way of thinking.

Don’t rely on your old way of thinking to keep you buoyant! Emma will show you how to embrace new and resilient practices that will future-proof your organisation and keep it competitive, regardless of the economic waters you encounter.

Emma’s expertise lies in exposing the elusive myths that every senior executive must break to avoid irrelevance and gives you ‘the compass’ that steers your organisation to great performance!

This is an opportunity for you to benefit from Emma’s expertise as a world-class strategist and business leader. A complimentary session with Emma will get you started with what you’ll need to start delivering powerful and ongoing results for your organisation.

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