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Strategies begin by understanding the unassuming truths that are the foundations of your life. Truths that have undoubtedly got you to where you are now, but, unfortunately, will get you no further.


Well, these truths have become myths – the stuff of legend that makes for an interesting story but will not lead to high performance in a world that is fast-paced and ever-changing.

Emma Sharrock explores these myths and examines the new beliefs you’ll need to embrace if you want to continue to perform at a high level so that you don’t get left behind and become irrelevant.

In this cutting-edge book for senior executive and business leaders, you will learn:

  • How to work strategically in times of calm, and pull together when the waters become rough
  • That certain conventional wisdom does not lead to high performance in a world that is fast-paced and ever-changing
  • How to perform at your best by unlearning old thinking, and applying a new and adaptive approach to work practices
  • How to deliver powerful and ongoing results that leave your mark economically
  • How to guide using the definitive “compass” as a leader
  • A powerful guidance system that works – in organisations both big and small, as well as globally


Emma Sharrock is The Trusted Authority To Senior Executives On Creating High-Performance Cultures. With her passion and energy for leading and facilitating positive change in workplace practices, Emma future-proofs organisations, so that they remain competitive in an ever-changing and fast-paced economy.

A former naval officer, Emma, who once safely navigated warships and their crews through inhospitable seas and warfare exercises, is ready to pilot you through the treacherous oceans that represent your ever-changing marketplace, which threaten to capsize both your leadership and organisation.

Having stood at the helm of complex change programs since 1999, Emma has steered elite organisations including leading financial, transport and telecommunications companies in Australia and Europe through unchartered waters by influencing a new way of thinking. As such, her insight has led these groups to navigate their way through often-turbulent, competitive change.

 Ready To Start Driving Change & Sustaining Business Growth?
“Emma thrives in the fast-paced world in which we live, brimming with energy, enthusiasm and a natural talent for spotting better ways of doing things.

She is gifted in her ability to read the situation in which we are operating and to lead people to understand how best to turn those circumstances to their advantage both through individual endeavours and through the strong leadership of others. Emma inspires with her passion and her ability to help others seek to improve on the status quo.”

Dr Erin Lalor
AM, Not-For-Profit CEO


“I’ve known Emma for 10 years, having first met her when we were studying together at the Australian Graduate School of Management. Emma has an inquiring mind—a razor-sharp intellect—and she gets business strategy as well as anyone I’ve worked with during my 18-year career at management level in financial services.

I’ve regularly sought Emma’s advice and guidance on the full range of management and leadership challenges. More recently, I was thrilled to be able to secure her services to facilitate a critical design conversation capturing perspectives from five different organisations.

Emma’s latest book promises to be an insightful guide for anyone looking to make a positive impact for their organisation.”

Mark Morand
Head of Microenterprise and Insurance, Good Shepherd Microfinance Melbourne

“Emma’s magic is the ability to enter a room of people with differing agendas and engagement levels and to leave with that same group of people united around a common outcome and how it will be achieved. And once the ‘how’ is agreed, Emma changes gears to work with teams to ensure continued alignment on the delivery front. She is a true expert in Agile and is pragmatic in how she applies it.

With a facilitation toolkit that is deep and varied, I’ve observed Emma change her approach during workshops in response to the feeling in the room.

This cradle-to-grave approach to facilitation and coaching means Emma truly is one of a kind and is an incredibly valuable asset for any company.”

Ellen Cresswell
Digital Technology Executive Melbourne

“One of the many privileges of leadership in the Australian Navy is the unique opportunity to meet and work with and alongside a number of extraordinary, extremely talented and enthusiastic young Australians willing to make a contribution to their country in the Australian Defence Force. I’ve found over the years, as time tends to blunt the memory, that you tend to remember only those young Australians, with whom you have served, who are exceptionally talented or conversely those who have spectacularly ended their careers in a shower of sparks. *

*Emma Sharrock is one of those exceptionally talented young leaders that I very clearly recall first meeting when she was a Midshipman seeking guidance about a topic for her Honours thesis at the Australian Defence Force Academy. Emma was confident and intensely focussed with an open enquiring mind. Her excellent sense of humour and well developed interpersonal skills were enhanced by her impressive communication ability, all of which underpinned a quietly confident effective leadership style. It was clear at the outset that this young officer possessed the personal
qualities that would harbour success in any chosen career.*

*This** book is yet another exclamation mark on another fabulous milestone
of her extraordinarily successful career.”

Commodore Simon J. Hart
CSC RAN (Retired)

“As a leader, I have seen firsthand Emma’s incredible presence and contribution to supporting me build a higher-performing team.

I am acutely aware of the vulnerability that exists when bringing in an external party into sensitive team and stakeholder dynamics. Emma is able to navigate this complexity with aplomb, pragmatism and empathy, which enables diverse stakeholders to feel an instant connection and interest to actually engage with the process.

I appreciate Emma’s no-nonsense approach to empower others to work together to find the solutions that will endure in their unique circumstances. It speaks to her genuine desire to bring people together to achieve remarkable outcomes when the odds are against them.”

Madeline Oldfield
Former Director Resolving Disputes Digitally, VCAT Melbourne

"Reading High Performance Executive Leadership provided key discussion points that support my personal disposition.
As a seasoned Project Manager, my one question has been for some time: why are we focusing so much on the delivery method (i.e. agile), without focusing on areas that stall/delay most projects e.g. planning, business justification or requirements, finances, benefits /ROI; and bottlenecks before delivery begins. What is the framework purpose ? What flexibility does it provide in the areas stalling most programs? I felt I aligned with the book's myths and examples, and it left me feeling like I had clarity on why I had these thoughts or questions. It has rejuvenated my ability to trust myself and that change is really needed by everyone. Great read with reminders and lessons for all"

Maria Hardie
Senior Project Manager

"Emma provides stories to bring relevance to her insights that connects you to your own experiences, encourages you to reflect on your own leadership style and excites you to take action.

This is a practical and easy to read book. It's relevant for the challenges we are facing in shaping change with purpose and leading our teams to deliver outstanding results.

I highly recommend you get a copy, grab a highlighter and practice the takeaways."

Jeanette Cremor
Project Management Consultant

Thank you Emma Sharrock for sharing your depth of experience with us through your book 'High Performance Executive Leadership', it is insightful to hear of all of the market best practice and learnings that you have discovered on your in-depth and broad leadership journey. Those that are lucky enough to move around different clients and industries, going deep with Clients, always have the most broad and insightful perspective. I have just finished it for the first time and started it again, for anyone thinking of picking it up, I highly recommend it, there were fast track quality insights of current market thought leadership, I am truly inspired to go off and read many of your references next. Such important reminders from the very practical of leading by example demonstrating "cost and time effective solutions", to giving me the label of "presenteeisum"... For anyone with their head down deep in their own business for the last few years, you can rely on Emma to bring you the best of the market thought leadership backed up with plenty of real life examples. Ultimately I rate this book highly and would recommend to anyone interested in business because it aligns with our values - EVOLUTION and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. The picture that remains with me is it being safer 'staying at sea', keeping moving / evolving is safer than sitting still - as a business owner - I find this is essential.

Emily Webley
Director - Operations & Finance
Granite Consulting

My passion for aiding senior leaders in knowing what damaging business myths are stems from my certainty that, survival in an often volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world comes down to expert navigation.

While this passion stems from my navy days and developed during my years as a project manager and leadership coach, my enthusiasm also links directly to the satisfaction of seeing others achieve results that surpass their expectations – their success becomes my elation when positive outcomes are achieved by moving away from ‘old thinking’.

By understanding how to guide using the definitive “compass” as a leader, you act as a valuable navigator in facilitating unparalleled business performance and results, which stems from how you think.

This is a powerful guidance system that works – I’ve seen the difference that can be made to organisations, both big and small in Australia and globally.

High-Performance Executive Leadership opens your eyes to outdated ways of thinking that could be holding you back, such as:

  • The more control I have in my organisation, the better the results I can expect
  • I believe that complex problems require a complex solution
  • If I don’t see my team working all the time, I question if they are delivering value
  • My team performance is fine; it’s the other teams that need the performance help
  • We have all the resources we need internally to address our performance issues; we don’t need any outside perspective